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While competing in the marketplace, one needs to produce profit and not miscellandeous refuse.

What does it mean to pursue good corporate citizenship in the office furniture marketplace? Our OFFICE FOR NATURE program aims to fulfill this responsibility. The comfortable, friendly, and ergonomically designed and installed work environment is a fundamental requirement in the 21st century. Few have adequately considered, however, how these needs can be implemented in a sustained form. I think the green office today is an integral part of corporate responsibility and proper market behavior.The extent of change that this new design approach called for can be compared to the design revolution that took place after the regime change in 1990. Replacing the Kádár-era furniture ethos, in place of colonial-style garderobe closets and hideous-looking monstrous office desks, more elegant efficient and state-of-the-art furniture styles were designed and developed. Both ergonomically and in terms of material selection and color today’s furniture selection has grown significantly. Meanwhile, the office-space developement market segment has gone through explosive growth as well. It is enough just to think of the extensive conversion of buildings along Váci út.

Along the factory-laden avenue that was once loaded with industrial sites, today one can spot modern office buildings and a vibrant cosmopolitian boulevard. Where 20 years ago tool and diemaking machines were stored, today there may be a call center, where young enterpreneurs take care of a large volume of support service work globally.The office space interior is no longer a minor administrative issue and not merely a question of prestige. The work enthusiasm and resulting productivity of office staff largely depends on the office environment, which should be developed in a sustained mode because of the increasing number of employees. Particularly to the extent that we assume responsibility for these employees. And for me, only this option is acceptable. What we mean by this includes the efficient use of energy and the prefererred installation of recícled products or perhaps, where it is possible, the savings on water use, as well as the switching off of lights at the office when they are not necessary.This environmentally conscious behavior needs to be applied when installing office furniture as well. Furniture makers - recognizing this need – first joined the battle against formaldehydes. As a result, from furniture made without such cancercausing glues nowadays, we have arrived to a point that a majority of furniture is actually being shipped unpackaged. The lessened use of this activity, but actually make the product itself less expensive. I am convinced that products that are overpackaged amount to senseless waste. and as I mentioned in the title of this expose, in the face of dire competiton in the marketplace, one needs to produce profit and not miscellaneous refuse.

And all this, of course, applies pressure and increased responsivility on producers abd shippers as well. More attention and more precision is required in the process. However, with detailed planning, consciously guarded logistics, proper professionalism and careful attention,
this can be achieved. Without these attributes, we would not have been able to accomplish the largest office-furniture acquistion project of the past 20 years. In the headquarters building of K&H Group along the Danube comprising 40 thousand square meter office space, we furnished 2,500 work spaces in a 4-week time span. We shipped 3,000 office Cabinets, 5,000 chairs, and 2,500 desks using a 100 trucks
during this time and we also furnished the entire building within this time frame.
Without any bragging, we can conclude that by achieving the maximum 4 points in this category, we also contributed to the accomplishment that this new headquarters building designed bí Finta Studio attained gold certification in accordance with the american LEED qualification system.Leading building certification systems (the aforementioned LEED and the British BREEAM systems) have the
highest quaility expectations from suppliers. Tge plywoodbased and other recycled and recyclable materials and environentally friendly glues used, while all furniture products, aside from perhaps edge coverings, were shipped unwrapped in truck containers, while our pre-assembled chairs and cabinets were made of similarly environmentally friendly materials. (LEED requiments even proscribe that finished products and base materials cannot be acquired (shipped) from a distance larger than 500 miles).The custom-made auxiliarly eqipment individually ordered from domestic master furniture makers also reinforced our
green approach.

By today, we have accomplished that all base materials used by Office Line, in terms of production, shipping and recycling criteria, make up the greenest office furniture stock offered in the marketplace. I think that beyond selective recycling and garbage disposal, we have additional tools for protecting our environment.As a responsible executive, I maintain that in the business world, we can all do a lot together towards a more liveable environment. And it is important that we demonstrate how important the environment is, in which we live, not only at the level of words. The past two decades of corporate environmental consciousness shows that if there is enought willpower and professional knowledge behind it, change is possible.In 1989, the accident of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker,which spilled 40 million tons of oil in a territory of 260 square kilometers along the shoreline of Alaska, alerted the commercial world that unless we act together, we
may leave a questionable heritage to our children.